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One Degree Health's 360 Wellness Assessment & Goal Setting Session

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When was the last time you had an in-depth conversation with a health practitioner about YOU and your health and wellness goals?

Well, in the 360 Wellness Assessment & Goal Setting Session we do just that!

In this two-part session, our certified nutritionists and functional wellness practitioners will go deep into your diet & lifestyle habits, get your “must-know” bloodwork drawn, and will analyze your health through a Functional Medicine lens.

Together, we’ll identify what got you to where you are now and co-create your wellness path with actionable goals so that you can take control of your health.

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360 Wellness Assessment:
30+ Page Assessment Using Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine Tools


+ Includes Functional Wellness Blood Test & Analysis [60 Must-Watch Biomarkers]

During our time together in the 360 Wellness Assessment, you’ll learn which habits and actions that have gotten you to where you are now, and the specific Wellness Path to take to get you to where you want to be with your Desired Health – along with functional wellness tools for tracking and adjusting your progress. 

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THE Most Comprehensive Wellness Assessment You've Ever Done - And that's a GOOD thing!

360 Wellness Assessment & Goal Setting Session

We follow the lifestyle medicine and functional nutrition approach by exploring ALL of the factors that have gotten you to where you are today.

This includes examining your entire health history, including childhood, dental, any traumas or accidents; what a typical day of food and lifestyle is for you; your bloodwork and biometrics; and all symptoms and medical issues that you’ve experienced in your lifetime, in the past six months, and in the past two weeks.

In this two-part session, we marry up your current health with your wellness goals to show you what’s aligning and where there may be gaps that need to be filled.

We (One Degree Health) then identify what needs to be tweaked to get you to where you want to be. Together as client and coach, we’ll then co-create the goals that you will take action on.

The output of this session is not only the specific wellness goals that you’ll take forward and implement, but a deep understanding of WHY you’re creating these healthier habits and how they’re linked to improving your precise health.

You’ll get deep clarity around your wellness goals and self-motivators, and be enabled to start making successful changes immediately after the session.

What Makes Us Different

No Calorie Counting

When you're eating the right foods for your body, you don't need to count calories. Instead we focus on co-creating a diet & lifestyle that serves you and addresses the root issues using functional medicine principles. We have a food first mentality and use food as medicine to help you prevent or reverse illness and disease.

Progression, not Perfection

It's all about one step at a time. More like "one-degree change" at a time. We've seen first hand how powerful small positive changes can be to our health - so much so that we named our company on this philosophy. Small changes may not sound sexy, but they're effective and get you results that everyone will notice. 

Board-Certified Practitioners​

We're certified health & wellness professionals who really know our stuff. These days, anyone can call themselves a “coach” – laws vary from state to state, but most can put “Health Coach” after their name without the rigorous education to support such a title. At One Degree Health, we pride ourselves on the level of education and certifications our nutritionists, lifestyle medicine specialists, and wellness coaches maintain.

Online & Virtual Coaching

Wellness should be accessible. No need to get in your car or fly across the country to work with us. All of our programs & services are virtual. Meaning you'll meet with your coaches and nutritionists by phone, Zoom, or Skype, and you'll access your wellness programs from your computer or smart device. We don't do in-person coaching, but you're always welcome to pop by our offices in Denver, Colorado, to say hi.

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