Gift Ideas: Give the Gift of Wellness with These Nine Healthy Faves

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It’s our inaugural holiday wellness gift guide!

Here are some of our favorite wellness things that we personally use, recommend, and love to gift here at One Degree Health.

These products are perfect for anyone on your list who’s ready to make changes to their health and wellness or kickstart their New Year’s Resolutions.

Note: As of this publishing, all of these gift ideas say they’ll arrive by Christmas, but double check on their websites.

1. Amp up your morning routine

Nutribullet Pro

NutriBullet Pro – 13-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System with Hardcover Recipe Book Included (900 Watts

The NutriBullet Pro is my daily go-to blender. It’s perfect for making my morning smoothies. And since the blender cup is also my drinking cup, I really appreciate how easy it is to use and cleanup.

I’ve been an avid user of the NutriBullet Pro since it came out a few years ago – and like it so much that I bring it with me when I travel. This particular NutriBullet Pro comes with all of the cups and accessories you need, plus a hardcover recipe book. As of right now it’s $79 + free shipping with Amazon Prime, and arrives before Christmas.

Looking for yummy protein shake recipes to make in the NutriBullet Pro? Then head over to our blog for breakfast shake and post-workout smoothie inspiration.

2. The latest in wearable fitness tracker to keep you accountable and supported.

Amazon HALO Wellness Tracker

HALO Wellness Tracker

The HALO Wellness Tracker from Amazon is now officially available for everyone!

I was lucky to get an early preview of the HALO and have been using it for almost a month now. It sets itself apart from other trackers on the market with its body composition tracking – complete with a 3D model of your body’s progressions (which is cool and kinda creepy at the same time), and with my personal favorite, voice tone analysis.

In my opinion, it excels in its activity tracking as it doesn’t see a step equaling a step, rather it gives points for your activity levels. More intensity per minute = more points. Sit at your desk for too long = activity points get taken away.

Another huge benefit of the HALO is the included “labs” – anything from 2-minute exercises to full-on workouts, meditations from Headspace, and more – all included, unlike its competitors like Fitbit that you have to pay for this service.

I’ve been an avid user of fitness trackers since 2012 and will say that I’m really enjoying my HALO (my full review is coming soon).

And since it’s from Amazon, you know that they’ll do their best to get it to you before Christmas if you’re a Prime Member.

3. For the busy guy or gal seeking an easier way to get healthier, meet the Healthy Habits Tracker.

Healthy Habits Tracker BONUS wellness course

Healthy Habits Tracker from One Degree Health

We are super excited about this Healthy Habits Tracker! We created it here at One Degree Health after witnessing the incredible success our clients were getting from simply implementing these nine habits every day.

The Healthy Habits Tracker is is prefilled with the Daily 9 keystone habits that have the greatest impact on your health when done consistently.

And now you (or your lucky recipient) can use these same nine micro-habits to kickstart your wellness journey! While small in form and price (can get yours for just $10), this Healthy Habits Tracker will help you get your health from where you are to where you want to be.

Plus. each tracker comes with an exciting bonus! Each includes our online course 5 Days to a Healthier You! to kickstart your 2021 wellness goals.

It’s both a sticky pad and a magnet so you can have your daily habits visible where ever you are. Stick your weekly sheet on your laptop, on your desk, on your wall or mirror, or use the magnet to keep it visible on your fridge.

It’s like having a Health Coach with you 24/7. And right now you can get 20% off the Healthy Habits Tracker. Use code HOLIDAY20 at checkout.

4. Move over Peleton, meet JumpSport.

Jumpsport Mini Trampoline

Mini Fitness Trampoline from JumpSport

While you may think mini trampolines are for kids, I’ve personally owned mini trampolines for over 20 years now. Using a mini trampoline is called Rebounding and it is an excellent way to boost your immune system, stimulate your lymphatic system which aids in the detoxification of toxins and chemicals from your system, while also building muscle and stamina.

It’s an excellent way to get more movement in your every day, especially with most of us now working from home. Keep one in your office or in your living room to keep moving when in conference calls or when wanting to watch your favorite TV show.

I like this particular one from JumpSport because it’s incredibly high quality and folds for easy transport and storage, but they do have non-folding options that are less expensive.

5. Get 10,000 steps without leaving your house

Walking Treadmill

Walking Treadmill – Use with standing desk or on its own

Keeping moving throughout the day is extremely important as I wrote about in my blog, Sitting is the New Smoking.

I love these walking treadmills because of their low profile form factor (can lean it up against the wall or roll it under a bed when not in use), and this particular model gets the job done without breaking the bank.

It’s one of the few walking treadmills you’ll find under $400 – and if you have Amazon Prime, you’ll really appreciate not having to pay the shipping cost.

I use my walking treadmill with my standing desk, and keep it around 1.1 miles per hour when working on my laptop, but will then crank it up to 3 miles per hour or so when attending a webinar or on a call when I don’t need to speak to boost my heart rate. Plus, it’s a fun conversation starter for your Zoom meetings when they see you walking.

6. Get movin’ while sitting

Stability Disc - Use it in your chair to create an "active seat"

Stability Disc – Perfect for Getting Movement while Sitting or for upping your daily routine

If you’re looking for an effective way to create healthier habits that won’t break the bank or start gathering dust, then this Stability Disc is a good option to consider. This particular one is under $20 and has so many uses!

I recommend my clients get one for when sitting at their desk to give their abs and core a mini-workout. When used with a desk chair, it’s called Active Sitting, which means that you’re actually getting movement in while sitting at your desk.

You can also stand on it to give your core and legs some stability training – a good option for getting movement in when working from home, giving your body an energy boost to combat Zoom-fatigue.

And if you’re more ambitious, use it while doing planks to give your core an extra boost. Try one minute of planks with your arms on the stability ball and be ready to see those abs in no time.

7. The perfect book for anyone seeking a healthier diet & lifestyle

Whole Foods Diet Book

The Whole Foods Diet Book

As a functional nutritionist and wellness coach, I get asked A LOT for book and diet recommendations. I’m very particular about what I recommend because there is so much confusing information out there.

The one book always on my book recommendation list is The Whole Foods Diet by John Mackey. I like it so much that I gift it to all of my clients.

I like this book, The Whole Foods Diet, because it gives an intro to functional nutrition in a really digestible (pun intended) way that will help anyone looking for a way to break the diet cycle and create real, lasting habit change with their nutrition. Get one as a gift and one for yourself!

8. The Perfect Planner

Dragontree Apothecary’s Dreambook Planner

I do believe this planner is the perfect planner – I know that’s saying a lot given the abundance of options out there.

I discovered the Rituals for Life Dreambook + Planner from DragonTree Apothecary a few years ago and have been obsessed ever since.

It’s perfect for the Type A analytical folks like myself who need to see the day, week, month, quarter, and year in black and white, but also supports my creative side with spaces for goal setting, vision casting, reviewing wins, and even has a place for daily habit tracking.

There are a ton of planners on the market. While it can be a rather personal decision, I truly believe you can’t go wrong with this one if you (or your recipient) is an analytical-creative like most busy professionals I know.

BONUS: Right now you can save 25% on their special last minute sale (hurry – ends 12/19).

9. Give the Gift of Wellness – 20% Off Gift Cards

Save 20% on One Degree Health Gift Certificates

20% Off Gift Cards to One Degree Health

Looking for a last-minute gift that will have a lasting impact? Then get them (or yourself) a gift card to us at One Degree Health.

Right now, we’re offering 20% off gift cards, so it’s like getting free money!

You or your lucky recipients can use these gift cards towards private health coaching, our popular 360 Wellness Assessment & Goal Setting Session, and more. And all gift card recipients also get an initial consultation to identify the best fit program or service for them.

Grab your 20% off gift cards over here and be sure to use code HOLIDAY20 at checkout. Deal expires December 24th.



Danielle Atcheson, NBC-HWC, CHN, LMC, CGP

Danielle Atcheson, NBC-HWC, CHN, LMC, CGP

Danielle Atcheson is on a mission to inspire healthier living using the power of micro-habits.

She’s a popular speaker, a board-certified health & wellness coach, and founder of One Degree Health.

As a former Fortune 500 executive, she knows firsthand how a busy schedule can interfere with prioritizing our health.

Danielle started One Degree Health to share her Micro-Habit Mindset and wellness formula with other busy professionals through engaging workshops, online coaching & nutrition programs, and private coaching.

Founder & Chief Wellness Officer, One Degree Health; Functional Nutritionist, Lifestyle Medicine Specialist, Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Certified Gluten-Free Practitioner, Plant-Based Nutrition certified from Cornell University.

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